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Tabletop Military Simulation

Date: 2013-08-07

We are developing alternative methods of controlling simulations using digital tabletop computers. We believe that tabletop interaction will be faster and easier to learn, and will make it easier for interactors to work collaboratively. The Equis Army Simulation shows the battlefield on a map projected onto the top of a conference table. Interactors can move tanks and soldiers by simply dragging along the desired path of travel on the map. The map can be panned in any direction using swiping gestures with a pen or mouse and can be zoomed in or out using a context-based menu shown by touching a pen on the table. Interactors sit around the table, and can all interact with the system concurrently. The proximity of the tabletop setting makes collaboration natural. This work was performed by Andrew Heard and Nick Graham at Queen’s University.