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SurfNet’s vision is to integrate innovative research in two critical areas – software engineering (SE) and human-computer interaction (HCI) – to identify critical requirements, design new engineering processes, and build new tools for surface-based application development. SurfNet’s fundamental research is clustered into three research themes:

  1. Humanizing the Digital Interface
  2. Improving Software Time to Market and
  3. Building Infrastructure for Digital Surfaces.

Research is triggered and guided by four application areas. These were developed in collaboration with industry partners, and provide direction for promising vertical markets for the development of digital surfaces. We will prototype new surface-based software in four application areas:

The NSERc SurfNet Research Network started in Spring 2010. Since its official launch, the research is up to a good start. The list of projects gives an overview on current research in the network. The applications page shows projects conducted with industrial and government partners. And, although the network is still at its beginning, network researchers were able to attract additional funding for SurfNet related offspring projects.